9、What is Xi Jinping's motivation for using the virus to launch unrestricted warfare to conquer the world?

A few days ago, Some people say that Trump didn't believe this Is true。 Xi Jinping and the CCP really want to control the world? Are they really this crazy? I now tell you why all this is?

Do you believe it? What Xi Jinping does has the same theoretical basis as what the Falun Gong organization does. Why did Jiang Zemin madly suppress Falun Gong? Why does the CCP hate Falun Gong?

Because Falun Gong, Xi Jinping, and the CCP are doing the same thing. It's all for the same reason.


1. The Prophecy of the Super Saint

In recent years, a prophecy has been spreading wildly on the Internet:“predictions from more than a dozen different countries all over the world point out that in the present few years, there will be a person born in China, and he will unify the world and become the greatest saint and  the most honorable  emperor of the world.”

These predictions include:

1、Messiah in the Bible
2、Isa of Islam
3、Buddhist Maitreya
4、Taoist Lagerstroemia saint
5、Maitreya in "The Records of Ge'an"《格庵遗录》in South Korea
6、The Pahana predicted by Hobby, a North American Indian Hobby tribe
7、Three Water Palaces in Nostradamus' "Les Propheties"
8、Saints and Rainbow Warriors in Mayan Prophecy
9、Edgar Cayce's predictions about China
10、The guiding spirit of the Martian boy
11、Jenny's future cultural leader

"Tui bei tu"《推背图》, "Longhua Sutra"《龙华经》, "Maqian ke"《马前课》, "Plum Blossom Poem"《梅花诗》, "Jinling Tower Inscription"《金陵塔碑文》, "Wuhou Hundred Years Prophecy"《武侯百年乩》, "Buxu Master's Prophecy"《步虚大师预言》, "The Song of Qiankun Wannian"《乾坤万年歌》, " Biscuit song”《烧饼歌》. . . . . .

According to many articles on the Chinese Internet, all the saints mentioned above are the same person and he was born in China, which will appear in just a few years. We temporarily call him "Super Saint"


2. Both Falun Gong Lihongzhi and Xi Jinping consider themselves the "super saints"

1) Li Hongzhi calls himself a "super saint"

Falun Gong believes that Li Hongzhi is the saint mentioned above. We can find many videos of Falun Gong followers advocating Li Hongzhi as the saint of salvation on the YouTube website.

Falun Gong has continuously promoted Li Hongzhi as a salvation saint in the last 20 years, and they found a lot of the aforementioned prophecies to prove it. This is the real reason why the CCP declared them to be a cult.

Because the CCP claims to be an atheist, they simply cannot explain so many predictions and evidence. The CCP is extremely afraid of these prophecies.
They knew that if the CCP allowed these prophecies to spread among the people, the CCP would collapse. The people will believe in prophecies instead of the CCP.

This is the fundamental reason why Jiang Zemin and the CCP called Falun Gong a cult, opposed Falun Gong, and suppressed Falun Gong.
The CCP believes that Falun Gong has undermined the authority of the Communist Party.
Falun Gong has shaken the ruling foundation and legitimacy of the CCP through the legend of God and the spiritual world. Challenged the CCP from the perspective of the spiritual world.

2) Xi Jinping and his followers believe that Xi Jinping is a "super saint" and is implementing a plan to conquer the world

On the one hand, the CCP brutally suppressed Falun Gong, calling them a cult, and harvesting Falun Gong human organs on a large scale for dealing.

On the other hand, Xi Jinping and Falun Gong have the same ideas. Falun Gong advocates that Li Hongzhi is a "super saint." Xi Jinping and his followers are also preaching that Xi Jinping is the "super saint".

The “Belt and Road Initiative” proposed by Xi Jinping and the “Community of a Shared Future for Mankind” plan is not to make much money for himself, nor to bring any benefits to China, but Xi Jinping wants to be the “world emperor” and “super saint”.

Because the super saint in the prophecy will conquer the world, and he will be a worldwide saint. So Xi Jinping is now doing something to conquer the world. Because he thinks he is the super saint himself, he needs to conquer the world to prove that he is the super saint.


3. Xi Jinping is launching an unrestricted war against the world and conquering the world to prove that he is a "super saint"

This is the fundamental psychological motivation for Xi Jinping and the CCP to do a series of crazy, incredible, and evil things.

The Chinese system provides the CCP and Xi Jinping with almost endless wealth. This wealth provides the CCP with seemingly feasible ways and conditions, allowing them to bribe anyone unscrupulously, forcing them to give Xi Jinping anything that he wants.

So the CCP took action step by step. It is money that has made the CCP more and more courageous and has gradually become a demon.

The CCP launched unrestricted warfare against the world, launched a biological and chemical war, launched a coup attempt to control the United States, used the money to bribe politicians around the world, and bribed the world's elite to serve the CCP. . . . .

CCP has killed 1.7 million people and caused countless economic losses by creating viruses, spreading viruses, refusing to recognize viruses, and conquering the world with viruses and antidotes.

In the future, more people will die, greater economic losses, and the CCP will have more vicious and more lethal viruses waiting to be released. Its purpose is to use Chinese medicine and viruses to control the world and gain greater power.

It was these prophecies and evil desires that made Xi Jinping a demon.
In order to achieve their goals, they can ignore the interests and lives of anyone by any unscrupulous means. This is the ideology of the CCP. Power and greed make people become demons.


4. Unrestricted warfare is a shameless form of war against humanity that uses all means and various forms of war to make weak countries conquer powerful countries.

The first theoretical basis for Xi Jinping to do evil is: "Xi Jinping considers himself a super saint ruling the world"
The second theoretical basis for Xi Jinping to do evil is: "unrestricted warfare"

"Unrestricted Warfare" is the invention and book of the Chinese active air force major general Qiao Liang, who is a celebrity in the world military.

From the perspective of the definition of unrestricted warfare, Guo Wengui and Yan Limeng's statement about the CCP: "The Wuhan virus is an unrestricted war launched by the CCP against the world" is completely correct.
It is fully in line with the characteristics of unrestricted warfare.

The CCP not only invented the theory of "unrestricted warfare", but also put it into practice.

1) The CCP uses economic development and cultural exchanges as a cover to force all students studying abroad, scientists, and companies to steal technology and information for China.
The CCP bribed the target country's politicians, media, and academic authorities on a large scale.
This is a means of war in which all the people are soldiers, just like terrorists.

2)According to Yan Limeng's report, after long-term planning, the CCP has launched an undeclared biochemical war against the world by creating and spreading the virus, deceiving the origin of the virus, and using Chinese medicine as a weapon.
Wuhan virus is a manifestation of unrestricted warfare


5. From Xi Jinping’s specific performance, it is confirmed that Xi Jinping’s ultimate goal is "super saint" and "world emperor"

1) Xi Jinping's subordinate officials call him "Yi Zun". From this we can see that Xi Jinping's ultimate goal is to be a "super saint" or "world emperor."

"Yizun" means: "the only person worthy of respect". This allusion comes from the fact that Emperor Qin Shihuang eliminated six countries, unified the China, eliminated all cultures and The only cultures allowed is Confucius' education.

The name "Yi Zun" is not the name of the emperor in ancient China. Because Chinese traditional culture requires respect for ancestors, the status of ancestors is much higher than one's own. The ancient Chinese all hoped to be blessed by the souls of their ancestors.

The same is true for the emperor's family. The emperor could not call himself "the only person worthy of respect", because by doing so, his parents and ancestors would be greatly disrespected, and the emperor would lose the protection from his ancestors.

Therefore, the word "Yi Zun" is a special name for Xi Jinping. It was invented by Xi Jinping and his staff, making Xi Jinping a "super saint".

This name implies that Xi Jinping needs to eliminate, conquer, and rule all other countries and all other cultures, and only retain the so-called Xi Jinping theory and Xi Jinping's rule. Think of Xi Jinping as the unprecedented supreme emperor and "super saint" in China and the world.

2) Xi Jinping created the virus, spread the virus, framed other countries, used the virus to destroy the world economy, create chaos, and used the virus and antidote as a weapon to control the world. These crazy behaviors can prove that Xi Jinping wants to be the "world emperor" and " Super saint ".

3) Through a series of long-term bribery and infiltration activities, Xi Jinping controlled the American media, the Democratic Party, and American politicians, purchased Dominican voting machines, and faked votes on a large scale.

This helped Biden, who had been cooperating with Xi Jinping for a long time, to be elected president. and Trump, who did not cooperate with Xi Jinping, was failed.

This behavior proved Xi Jinping's ambition to conquer the United States and the world. Use this method to prove that Xi Jinping is a "super saint"

I think Xi Jinping and the CCP are really cults who anti-humanity and anti-God