5. Evidence that the Chinese government cuts off living human organs for trading

  ——Wang Lijun invented the "Brain Death Machine" and applied for a patent in 2012.


  Wang Lijun is a former vice-mayor and police chief of Chongqing city. He is well-known for entering the US Consulate General in Chengdu on February 6, 2012 to seek asylum.

  He invented the Brain Death Machine used for the sole purpose of causing primary brain stem injury to a healthy subject by hitting the skull, and allowing the subject to maintain breathing and heartbeat so the subject can serve as an organ transplant donor perfectly.

  According to complaints filed by Falun Gong practitioners, the invention was specifically designed to harvest live human organs. They have lied to the outside world and claimed that the brain-dead patients have donated their human organs. In truth, they just match the organ of a healthy subject with a patient in need of an organ transplant, use the Brain Death Machine to cause brain death to the subject and remove the subject’s human organs for transplantation while the subject remains alive.

  The healthy subjects are Falun Gong practitioners or other missing persons and detainees. Without a public trial, deliberately causing brain death to a subject before removing the subject's organs for transplantation is considered deliberate murder.

  This is an anti-human and evil behavior committed to gain enormous profits.

  Wang Lijun's “Brain Death Machine” invented for the specific purpose of harvesting human organs is not a myth. The machine’s patent provides proof of its existence.

  The official name of Wang Lijun‘s “Brain Death Machine” invention is called the “Primary Brain Stem Injury Impacting Machine” as clearly shown on the Chinese patent website:

Primary Brain Stem Injury Impacting Machine
Application No.: CN201120542042.X
Application date: 2011-12-22
Publication/announcement date: 2012-08-15
Publication/announcement No.: CN202376254U
Main category No.: A61D1/00 Veterinary Surgical Instrument
Application/patent owner: Chongqing Police College
Inventor/designer: Wang Lijun; Yin Zhiyong; Zhao Hui; Wang Zhengguo
Category No.: A61D1/00 Veterinary Surgical Instrument

  The question is not what Wang Lijun did; rumor has it that he may be dead. The point is that Wang Lijun was just a gofer. He was just executing orders from his superiors and masters. His master was Bo Xilai, former Politburo and Communist Party Secretary of Chongqing. Bo Xilai's social status and position was second only to China’s top leader. Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun and others’ actions of harvesting live human organs without trial should be considered the actions of China instead of specific acts by individuals.

  Put it this way, certain level state officials in China know that the Chinese government is committing live organ harvesting. Those who don't know are just not high enough in the chain of command. It is impossible for someone who has reached a certain chain of command to not know. But the kind-hearted ordinary citizens of China have absolutely no idea of such travesty.

  People in other countries worldwide are even less aware that such anti-human tragedies are happening on a large scale in China and the trend is growing as increasingly more civilians are murdered for organ harvesting. They can just use the Brain Death Machine to turn anyone into a magnanimous “brain dead patient” organ donor. As long as there are organ transplantation demands.

  I ask God to judge and punish this heinous, shameless, evil, boundless, absolutely inhumane and fully unjustified profit making method.

  Everyone wants to make money, but money should be made morally. Good people can also make money as long as we work hard. I advocate that everyone can make money and obtain wealth, security and happiness. However, only demons would "harvest live human organs” for profit. All demons must go to hell.

Documentary: Korean TV reporters investigate the CCP's live organ harvesting and brain death machine