2、In areas where the coronavirus is outbreak, it is basic common sense that all people need to wear masks.

10 March 2020

Coronavirus is very infectious. An official from the Ministry of Health who was sent by the Central Government to Wuhan to investigate the coronavirus went to see a patient. The official was already under hygienic protection and was wearing a mask. He came back and told the people across the country that there was no problem and there would be no large-scale infection. However, he was immediately infected with coronavirus after coming back. It is said that he was affected because of the air and cornea.

It has been a while since Chinese people wore masks. It should be said that the epidemic situation has basically been brought under control in China. This has a lot to do with our expert Zhong Nanshan demanding that all people wear masks.

Zhong Nanshan said at the time that N95 masks are not required for all people, and ordinary masks can play a basic protective role.

If you can't buy a professional mask, you can make your own mask at home. Using ordinary cotton cloth, you can easily make a temporary mask. But please note that all people must wear masks.

This is the basic hygienic common sense.

All people wear masks + strict isolation + combined Chinese and Western medicine treatment is China's current experience. This experience is relatively successful.