14、Video evidence of Xi Jinping harm to the Chinese people from a Chinese perspective


video: Chinese author Xu Xue Chun exposed the truth about P2P fraud

I am Xu Xue Chun, the author of the book " Century Sentence". I am an writer, internet commentator, and one of the victims of China's 300 million person-times P2P financial fraud.

I used to have 100 thousands of dollars in deposits, and I have a good life. Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party led a nationwide large-scale P2P financial fraud conspiracy, and They made me lose all my money. I have now fled abroad and am in a desperate situation. I want to accuse Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party of the crimes, I want to expose the fraud and persecution suffered by 300 million person-times Chinese people in China to the world. I want the Chinese Communist Party to be judged by justice and conscience.

I now tell you what happened to me and the 300 million person-times P2P victims in China (most of them are innocent and helpless elderly people).


1. P2P means peer-to-peer lending, it is the financial reform promoted by Li Keqiang and the Xi Jinping government with the power of the whole country.

I worked in a large insurance company from 2007 to 2014, and I was promoted from salesman to sales manager. I have 8 years of experience in the financial industry, and since the beginning of P2P, I have been a participant and have done detailed investigations, so I know the P2P industry very well.

I am a participant, a victim, and a protester. At the same time, I have also participated in the investigation of the whereabouts of funds.
The P2P industry is very complex, and usually, the victim has no idea what happened. And I am a senior manager in the financial industry, and I am also a writer and scholar. So I know best what has happened in China.

In 2013, P2P was just beginning to become popular at the time. I did a lot of research work on P2P, I have attended many P2P company product briefings.
The news I got at the time was: "This is Premier Li Keqiang's experiment in financial reforms to want private capital to serve private enterprises. "

Because China's financial industry is monopolized by the state, and state-owned banks cannot provide necessary financial loan services for private enterprises.
And private enterprises feed 80% of China's population, Private enterprises are also very important. So Li Keqiang carried out financial reforms and asked some P2P companies to do this business.

Therefore, I think Li Keqiang's financial reform is theoretically and logically reasonable.

At that time, Chinese officials carried out a lot of publicity on the P2P financial reform. President Xi Jinping also published articles in newspapers recommending P2P to the people. A large number of officials and celebrities are also promoting P2P.

The Chinese government lent the Great Hall of the People to P2P companies as a propaganda venue, and sent a large number of senior government officials, including senior officials of the China Banking Regulatory Bureau, to the conference often to give speeches to show the government's support for P2P. This is a campaign propagated by the Chinese government with all the power of the country. And there are Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, the Great Hall of the People, CCTV, a large number of officials, and the China Banking Regulatory Commission are promoting this.

This makes us staunch patriots have to believe that this is a financial reform movement endorsed and promoted by the country's top leadership.


2. Behind more than 6,000 P2P companies, CCP red noble families ransacked the people for different purposes

This is not a problem with Li Keqiang's policy. Li Keqiang's idea is valid. CCP red noble families are troublemakers.
Because China's political environment is very complicated, each red noble family has its interest group and its own goals.

Li Keqiang opened this Pandora's Box, and all kinds of monsters and ghosts jumped out of it. They found a loophole, that is, if they borrowed money, they don't have to pay it back, so they let their subordinates set up many P2P companies to defraud the people unscrupulously.

All companies engaged in P2P are white gloves, and they are backed by different CCP red noble families.

In China, some evil things such as: borrowing money and not repaying them, large-scale fraud, prostitution, drug manufacturing, and drug trafficking, without the support of the red noble families, can't go on for a day. The red noble families can arrest them at any time. Because this is their land.

The purpose of each red noble family entering P2P is completely different.
1. Some P2P is purely a Ponzi scam, and the customer's money is not invested in any projects.
For example, Zhongjin, Yizubao

2. Some P2P fabricated false investment projects. After making a sum of money, the boss fled abroad.

3. The money raised by some P2P companies entered the SASAC account and invested in the Belt and Road Initiative.

4. The money raised by some P2P companies was lent to private enterprises following Li Keqiang's original plan.
My money was lent to private enterprises, and a small part of it went to the SASAC and the Belt and Road Initiative.


3. All P2P bankruptcies are a premeditated plan to rob the people

The backgrounds of the various P2P companies are completely different, and their fabricated lies are also completely different, but one thing is the same, that is, the handling methods and results after bankruptcy are the same.

From 2013 to 2019, 6,000 P2P companies went bankrupt. All companies caught several senior executives and sentenced them to several years in prison after bankruptcy, but the funds all disappeared. The victim lost all his money. It's like performing a show that has been arranged a long time ago, and then everything is over.

Now in China, people will be monitored by the government for anything they do at home. The CCP ridiculously said that tens of trillions of fraudulent funds have all disappeared. This shows that the CCP is maliciously concealing the whereabouts of the funds.

To put it simply, the people's money was taken away by the CCP nobles, leaving the people to bear the loss. There are 6,000 P2P fraud cases in China, and all the process of handling cases is a process of deceiving the people and letting the people bear their losses.

There is much evidence for what I said.

In 2014, I was an executive in the financial industry. As a job seeker, I investigated many P2P companies. When I went to investigate P2P companies, I asked them what projects they invested in? how to make money? and how to ensure the safety of funds? 50% of P2P companies don't tell me the truth, they just tell me white lies. so I knew that at least 50% was a fraud.

They told me that: "you just need to convince customers to invest money in the project. Whether the customer can recover the cost or not has nothing to do with you." From then on I knew there was a big conspiracy. from the beginning, They had already thought about how to defraud and how to escape

I knew at the time that at least half of P2P companies had no intention of repaying the money when they set up a company to raise loans from customers. When they raised funds from customers, they already had a perfect plan: how to fabricate lies and commit fraud, how to escape safely, how to make customers bear their losses, how the police will handle the case, how the court will decide, and how the government will maintain stability.

They don't need to worry about anything, everything is in the hands of the CCP's red nobles


4. The money scammed by P2P companies controlled by the Xi Jinping family is mostly used to bribe officials from other countries and the Belt and Road Initiative

In 2018, a P2P company that I lent to the Belt and Road Initiative closed down. Then I conducted investigations for 6 months, visited 4 provinces, and also visited Beijing. We also hired a lawyer. Participated in 2 court hearings.

So I am very clear about the P2P companies that support the Belt and Road Initiative. That P2P boss is the white glove of the SASAC, All the money that the boss obtained from fraud and extortion in five years has gone to the subsidiary company controlled by the SASAC.

The boss had been in a loan shark business for the first four years, and he specialized in blackmailing young victims. According to the boss's confession in court, the usury has 500% of the profits and the deposits of 70 billion are absorbed. According to this calculation, it is estimated that 200-300 billion yuan of fraudulent funds entered the account of the SASAC. This is only the money of one P2P company, but there are more than 6,000 P2P companies nationwide. Of course, these companies are not only controlled by the Xi Jinping government but also controlled by other CCP red noble families.

Our lawyers were prevented by the Xi Jinping government while investigating the boss's account according to law. The government does not allow our lawyers to look up any information on the boss's key accounts. Just give us some irrelevant information. The Xi Jinping government is trying its best to conceal the whereabouts of P2P fraudulent funds.

When we held the product briefing, the P2P company made it very clear: Our funds are invested in the Belt and Road Initiative. Why are we not allowed to investigate the whereabouts of funds for the Belt and Road Initiative? Does Xi Jinping have untold secrets?

According to media reports: Most of the countries accepting the One Belt One Road project are some of the poorest countries in the world. Investment in infrastructure construction there has no economic value to China at all, only have military value and political value. Moreover, the Xi Jinping government took blood money to bribe dignitaries in Western countries. The Belt and Road Initiative is a vanity project with no return. And the blood money scammed from P2P victims is used. These investments will never recover their costs in the coming decades or even forever. Its only value is to realize Xi Jinping's ambitions.

They caused me to live in a foreign country, in a desperate situation. They have caused serious harm to 300 million times P2P victims in China, these victims are mostly gray-haired elderly people who have made a lifetime contribution to the Republic. In the end, the CCP defrauded all his life savings. Those are the old-age money they saved in their lifetime, and they are used to treat illnesses and save lives. In our WeChat group, I hear every month that some victims committed suicide because they couldn't stand the blow.

All this money was defrauded by Xi Jinping with lofty lies and used to bribe corrupt officials of other countries and interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. Used to realize the so-called Chinese emperor dream of Xi Jinping. From this point of view, Xi Jinping and the CCP are some national scum that damages the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation.

If you think that the Belt and Road fraud is very evil, more evil things are behind


5. To cover up his fraud, Xi Jinping maliciously let all P2P companies go bankrupt

My money is mainly lent to some enterprises, and I agree with Li Keqiang's plan to support private enterprises.

Our P2P company boss told us in 2018: Xi Jinping's government does not allow platforms to collect debts from companies that borrow money from us. He said it was to maintain social stability.

At that time, the victims of us sent representatives to verify the borrowing of P2P companies. They were real and well-functioning companies. After we got the company's information, we went to collect debts from them. After our efforts, we got back a little debt. Although the money is small, there is always some hope.

In 2019, the Xi Jinping government did not allow victims to collect debts from borrowing companies, and he even did not allow us to call them to collect debts. At the same time, the court does not support us to collect debts through legal channels. Repaying debts is an axiom. To maintain his dominance, the Xi Jinping government does not allow victims to collect debts from borrowing companies. Caused us to lose all our money.

Why would Xi Jinping do such a strange thing? According to my judgment, Xi Jinping did this to muddy the waters,so that others cannot distinguish the difference between normal P2P and fraudulent P2P.

Because if the customers of normal P2P companies like us can safely get back our investment, then the victims of other P2P companies will be confused and unhappy, and they will trace the use of their funds.
If so, the Belt and Road Initiative and others The fraudulent practices of red noble families will be exposed. Xi Jinping will be criticized by political opponents in the party.

Therefore, the Xi Jinping government must let all platforms go bankrupt, so he can say to the people and political opponents across the country: "Look, all platforms are bankrupt. You should not investigate the Belt and Road and other P2P frauds."
In this way, Xi Jinping can eliminate the opposition within the party. He can continue to be his emperor and let the people bear their losses.

This practice of Xi Jinping and the CCP is extremely shameless and extremely evil. He is a national scum and a public enemy of mankind.


6. Xi Jinping's government uses high technology to maintain stability for human rights defenders

When the victims were dissatisfied with the results of the government's handling and began to defend their rights, the Xi Jinping government used the power of the whole country to maintain stability.

1) In my diary, I recorded in detail how the Xi Jinping government used high-tech means to monitor and suppress human rights defenders.

In one of our WeChat groups, some people commit suicide due to despair almost every month.
During a rights defense process, a person in our group hit the door of the Supreme People's Procuratorate with his head and died. After a few hours, the news disappeared from the entire network, and everything looked like nothing happened.

2) As soon as some netizens bought a train ticket to Beijing, the police rushed to their home to maintain stability. Because of the real-name system for train tickets.

3) Our group decided to go for a date the next day. We were surrounded and arrested by dozens of police immediately after we arrived because all Chinese groups were monitored by the secret police.

4) Victims across the country plan to send several representatives to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau to submit appeal materials. They were all arrested when they were eating at a restaurant in Shanghai.
All mobile phones in China have positioning functions and there are countless cameras in China. The police know exactly what the victim is doing and where.

5) some human rights activists were arrested by the police in a hotel in Beijing in the middle of the night. It is illegal for human rights activists to go to Beijing.

6) In 2018, a victim and I went to Beijing to learn about the case. A friend in Beijing told me that there were police search backpacks in street in Beijing, and you will immediately be arrested as soon as they found petitioning materials.


China is a high-tech, all-around surveillance society, so the Xi Jinping government is very clear about what the fraudsters did and where our money went. Instead of recovering stolen money, they use high technology to suppress human rights activists. This only shows that Xi Jinping, the CCP, and the fraudsters are conspiracies to commit crimes. It is Xi Jinping and the CCP that are setting traps to defraud the people. This is the essence of all P2P collapse disasters.

Xi Jinping and the CCP hope that no one in China and the world will know the crimes they have committed against the people. What I want to do most is to expose the crimes of Xi Jinping and the CCP in the world wild.


7. Comments on P2P incidents

The P2P disaster in China is a vicious, large-scale, nationwide financial case and the most typical crime committed against the people by Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang since they took office and has continued to the present.

Li Keqiang's desire for financial reform is good, but this good desire has become the biggest feast for China's major red noble families and all kinds of monsters, they eating the people's body, drinking the people's blood, looting the people, persecuting the people, They are the enemies of the people

It is normal for reforms to have some problems. The problem is that these people have eaten the people's bodies, drank the people's blood, ransacked the people, persecuted the people's monsters and the red dignitaries are still standing on the stage wearing gorgeous clothes, posing as gentlemen, this is something the people can't accept.

Making mistakes, admitting mistakes, correcting mistakes is the basic education of normal human children. If the CCP doesn't even have the common sense of these young children, you'd better get off the stage, don't let the Chinese nation feel ashamed, harm the Chinese nation, become scum and sinner of the Chinese nation!

I have a perfect plan for where China should go, and I am qualified to say this because it is me who designed the Chinese model. I will solve the problems in China。