1、TCM treatment of coronavirus

15 February 2020

Just now, I heard the excellent speech of Professor Wu Jun on coronavirus.

Professor Wu Jun believes that due to the excessive immune response caused by the virus, the body heats up and generates a large number of free radicals. While killing the virus, they also kill a large number of cells of the human organs, causing damage to human organs and ultimately leads to death

The body heats up and produces a lot of free radicals. This phenomenon is the instinctive immune response of the human body. According to Professor Wu Jun, free radicals generated by human body fever can already kill coronavirus in the body. We only need to stop the body's immune system and free radicals from killing tissue cells of the body.

The method of TCM to solve this problem is to clear heat and detoxify. This is the most common and the oldest traditional Chinese medicine.

The recommendation given by Professor Wu Jun is to take a lot of vitamin C (3 grams per day) and vitamin E (1000 international units per day), the Chinese herbal medicine Bupleurum, and drink plenty of water.

I think Chinese medicine has many kinds of medicines and foods for clearing away heat and detoxification. Modern people basically give up TCM because they do not understand TCM.

I think all the medicines for clearing away heat and detoxification are effective, the key is whether the dosage can achieve the effect of eliminating diseases. Various drugs are mainly aimed at different human organs, and their functions and effects will be different.

In my opinion, coronavirus is a very urgent disease and can be said to be very toxic, so it requires a large amount of heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs. The general Chinese patent medicines bought from pharmacies, if taken according to the instructions, are completely underdosing.

In this situation, people with fever symptoms caused by coronavirus should immediately take the maximum dose of heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs that the body can withstand. It is required to stop taking the medicine immediately after getting rid of the disease.

I find that the situation in many places is very urgent now, and the patients can't buy medicines when they get sick. Even if they go to the hospital, there is no effective treatment, and many patients are waiting for death.

In my opinion, in an emergency, if you have a fever due to the coronavirus, you can make 3 liters of soup with half a catty of mung beans every day, and eat them all in one day. Maybe it works.

Mung beans can clear away heat and detoxify. If the dose is sufficient, it may reduce the damage of free radicals to human organs. You can save your life if you survive from this.

You can give it a try in an emergency, but usually, you should listen to the doctor's advice.