Brief Introduction of the Book


The book records my comments about all events in the world in the form of diary.

Every event documented and reviewed has been based on political affairs in a contemporary age.

Our age now has entered a particular period in which traditional religion has failed in its attempt to adjust the relation between men as usual. Human beings therefore are exposed to a great risk. I have been given a sign from God to help human beings go through crises and sufferings.

Whenever I report major events occurring in China and other countries and my views, I will hear the message of God and put it down in my diary. Moreover, I would deliver the message to each country via network. There will always appear a dramatic sharp turn in political events involved at the will of God.

Readers may verify my words according to the writing time of each diary and dramatic changes of historical events.

Some of the political events recorded in the book have happened, and some have not.
So you can view the book as a prophesy or evidence proving God's permission for my point of view.

The prophecy and Century Sentence for China just make up a small part of the book. Actually, my book has predicted and made Century Sentence for all mankind, all countries and also all major events.

Probably my witty and humorous writing style amuses and amazes readers. It is no big deal for you to mistake my prophesy for fallacy or empty talk, because you will know it when you are about to face the consequences on your own.

If you still question my words but never take my suggestions into account, you will get deeper into the mire.

Therefore, I hereby advise you to carefully reflect over my suggestions.

You do not necessarily go by what I say. After all, I just propose some questions and present you with a few instructions and suggestions. I expect you to seriously face, discuss, examine and resolve questions that I have proposed.

If you find the right answer to my question, you can do what you want. Or otherwise, you'd better take in my suggestions. No matter which solution prevails, the problem will be tackled in the end.

I hope that my book could solve all the problems faced by all mankind, and instruct you to solve any new problem after my death. That's why I write this book. It is also the will of God. Wish you good luck!