Introduction of the Author


I am Xu Xue Chun, the most influential online opinion leaders, and a distinguished scholar in China.

In April 2004, when China’s new prime minister and chairman just took office, soon I saw Chinese news about the event of the Tieben Steel Company.
I was suddenly inspired by God that I needed to accuse the wrongness, absurdity, and injustice of this world.

Then, I wrote five articles on the reform of state-owned enterprises and reported and gave publicity to the situations to the Chinese government at all levels for many times through network and mails, which are called petitions in China.
Accidentally, they were accepted and emphasised by Chinese government. At the stage when China’s state-owned capital was about to collapse, the direction of state-owned enterprise reform was completely reversed, and they became the basic policy of state-owned enterprises and have been used until today.


From this matter later, I feel that I am the person chosen by God to accomplish a special mission, though I am only an ordinary netizen.

I have been making comments and exchanging about hot events happening in China, on the network as an ordinary netizen. My suggestions were basically adopted and emphasised by the government.

It can be said that I played a key role and a guiding role in the success of China’s economic reforms.
Since then, China has gradually escaped from the dispute and turmoil, unified thinking, embarked on success, and now China’s society is stable, economy is developed, people become rich, and social order is good.

I think I can give the Chinese government some suggestions to make China successful. I can also give other countries some suggestions to allow them to change and succeed.
I set up a website in 2013 to put the translated articles of mine on it and promote the Chinese model to other countries in the world. From the news at that time, other countries were in exchange with China and learning the Chinese model.
In August 2014, when I saw the atrocities of the Islamic State from the news, I was furious and decided to accuse the world to God.

I wrote my suggestions in the diary and posted them online for transmission and complain about this world to God. So God will reply to me, and he will have an impact on the world political situation. Reasonably, they will listen to me carefully and take my advice.

I wrote everything in my diary and complained them to the God: the success of China’s reform, Trump’s election as American president, opposition to extreme Islam, the requirement on signing the Iran nuclear deal, support for the Syrian Arab Army, the question of Hong Kong, the question of Taiwan, defeat over the Islamic State, opposition of North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, opposition of immigration, support for nationalism, and support for white people to protect their national interests. Eventually, all of my wishes were realized, and these events basically happened according to my advice. It was God’s answer to and support for my requirements. Everything was the will of God. Gladly, I’m doing the most important thing for God.

Donald Trump is currently the most popular figure in the world. Also, many people like Trump are in power. Although Trump has original opinions, he successfully won support from at least half of Americans. Otherwise, he would not have been the president. But maybe you don't know is that most of Trump’s opinions were from my website and book.

You all can verify what I said according to my diary dates and the violent change of world political situation.
The reason why I have an impact on the world political situation is not that I have something special, but the truth I revealed, just like a small boy who says the emperor is not wearing anything in the fairy tale ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.
What persuaded and changed them are reality, truth, and justice. What I have done is tell the reality, truth, and justice.
The only things I have in mind are true things and putting forward my solution as a reference. People who choose the truth, justice, and reality categorise themselves progressively to God.

I sincerely hope that I can cleanse humans’ dirty souls through my articles and book. I will try my best to wipe out all the hypocrisy, hoaxes, evilness, and demons in the world so that people will eventually return to truth, justice, God.