Introduction of the Author


I am Xu Xuechun. I am the author of the book "Century Sentences ". I am a scholar and ordinary worker living in China. At the same time, I am the messenger of God. I have been working for God and saving the world with God's wisdom

1. In 2004, in accordance with God’s enlightenment, I sent a large number of emails to Chinese governments, saving the Chinese Communist Party, preventing China's state-owned enterprises from being privatized, and preventing the Chinese Communist Party from collapsing.

2. In 2013, I set up a personal website. I posted my complaints against humans and the revelation that God gave to me on my website, released information to governments all over the world, and gave suggestions to them. Most of my suggestions were accepted by them.

3. From 2014 to 2015, according to God’s revelation, I sent a large number of e-mails to governments around the world to expose Islamic terrorism. According to God’s revelation, I declared that Islamic terrorists are not followers of God but demons. I Saving the world according to God’s will.

4. From 2020 to 2021, in accordance with God’s will, I sent a large number of emails to governments around the world to expose the evil actions of the CCP and the truth about the Wuhan virus, making governments all over the world believe that the CCP created the virus, Spread the virus, trying to control the world. Today I will destroy the CCP according to God’s revelation and save the lives of people all over the world.


When I was very young, there was a voice telling me that I was an angel and I needed to report the things I saw about human beings to God, and God would give me some enlightenment. I started to write a diary when I was very young, and I needed to write down the revelation that God gave me in the diary. My website records every revelation and communication that God gives me.

In April 2004, shortly after Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao took office, I saw Chinese news about the "Tieben Steel Company incident". At that time, many people in the Chinese government didn't like them and created a lot of trouble for them. Those people wanted to sell out state-owned enterprises and disband the Chinese Communist Party.

Suddenly, I was strongly inspired by God and wrote five articles on the reform of state-owned enterprises. I asked the government to protect state-owned enterprises and maintain the leadership of the Communist Party. And sent tens of thousands of e-mails to the Chinese government.

My opinion has been adopted and valued by the Chinese government. Soon the Chinese government stopped the privatization of state-owned enterprises and changed the policy to the state-owned enterprise management model of "separation of management rights and ownership."

When China's state-owned capital was about to collapse, my suggestion completely reversed the direction of state-owned enterprise reform, and it has been the basic policy of state-owned enterprises that have been in use today. Including the most famous "harmonious society" at that time is also my suggestion to the Communist Party

Facts have proved that my suggestion is very effective. Under the social management and economic operation mode that I suggested, China has achieved rapid economic development, social stability, and a substantial increase in people’s income. China has become the second-largest economy in the world.

Moreover, the retirement wages of retired workers in China have increased by about 10% every year for 30 consecutive years.
China's success has been recognized and praised by all countries in the world.

In 2004, I actually saved the Chinese Communist Party from collapse and put the Communist Party on the road to success.

At that time, God sent me to enlighten the CCP and let me save the life of the CCP.

After this incident, I feel that I am a person with a special mission. Although I am just an ordinary netizen. I have been posting suggestions on various hot events in China on the Internet.

My suggestions are basically adopted by the Chinese government. It can be said that I have been doing things for God and passing on God’s wisdom and enlightenment to the CCP. I have played a key role in the success of China's economic reforms.

I set up a personal website in 2013. I translated my articles into English and posted them on my website. And promote my website to some important people from all over the world.

In August 2014, when I saw the atrocities of the Islamic State in the news, I was very angry.

At that time, I was inspired by God and sent a large number of e-mails to the governments, media, and social elites of all countries in the world, exposing the evil of Islamic extremism. According to God’s revelation, I declared that Islamic terrorists are not followers of God but demons, I am saving all mankind according to God's will.

Soon Russia joined the Syrian War in the Middle East, and countries around the world reached a consensus against Islamic extremism. The Islamic State was basically eliminated, and Baghdadi was eventually killed.

God has given me enlightenment on many things, and I spread God’s message to countries around the world by posting my articles on my website.
If I think some events are very important, I will send a lot of emails to spread the message of God.

I wrote everything in my diary and complained them to God, then God gave me inspiration: the success of China’s reform, Trump’s election as American president, opposition to extreme Islam, the requirement on signing the Iran nuclear deal, support for the Syrian Arab Army, the question of Hong Kong, the question of Taiwan, defeat over the Islamic State, the opposition of North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, the opposition of immigration, support for nationalism, and support for white people to protect their national interests, support Israel…

The political situation in the world has changed drastically after I wrote articles and sent emails.

The suggestions I wrote on my website will be adopted by all countries, and they will make policy changes and adjustments in accordance with the suggestions I wrote. All this shows that God supports me, I am serving God, and I am spreading God's message to all countries.

Since the outbreak of the Wuhan virus at the end of 2019, I have been collecting information from different channels to try to find out the truth about the Wuhan virus and its solutions.

From the first day, I thought that this virus has a lot to do with the CCP. Various evidence and logical judgments point to the CCP as the culprit.

In May 2020, I sent an email to all the senators in the United States. I tried to remind the US government: "China has an antidote, and China has a conspiracy."
Not only did my reminder have no effect, I was also investigated and warned by the Chinese police, and I felt that my situation was extremely dangerous.

In August 2020, Yan Limeng’s testimony was more convinced from a scientific point of view that my judgment was absolutely correct.

But the world is completely controlled by the CCP and the devil, and no one believes what Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui said. They are treated as mentally abnormal people. Their words are treated as crazy and jokes.

Because human thinking is habitual thinking. They are deceived by lies, monetary bribery, and beauty bribery (the CCP’s method of controlling foreign governments).

They think that the Chinese government cannot poison its own people, poison the world, and launch a biological war against all over the world. This is crazy. This is too evil. They don't believe that the CCP will do such an evil thing, so they reject any opinions that are contrary to this. So habitually reject the revelations of Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui.

And I know that my article can change everyone's point of view, and I have this ability. Because I am guided by God.

When I shared the Wuhan virus report I wrote with friends in the international, they thought that my article could save the world, and they suggested that I should spread my information to the world as soon as possible. To end the disaster of the Wuhan virus worldwide.

God inspired me to use wisdom to help mankind get rid of the disaster of the Wuhan virus, and God inspired me to spread this message after leaving China, otherwise, I would be in danger and I would not be able to complete this important mission. So I fled China under the guidance of God in October 2020.

After leaving China, I found that the US campaign situation was a mess. At first, I thought Trump would be elected president smoothly, but the situation was very complicated. There were too many conspiracies and the CCP was also involved.

God inspired me to help Trump. After I figured out what happened in the United States, in December 2020, I sent my Wuhan virus report and other articles to Trump and other people.
I saw the American military and Linwood issued a statement the next day: "The CCP is the chief culprit of the Wuhan virus, but it has nothing to do with the Chinese people. The Chinese people are allies of the United States."

Then God inspired me to send a series of articles about the Wuhan virus to governments, media, universities, and other institutions in all countries all over the world in March 2021.

You have seen what happened in the future. All countries have changed their attitudes towards the CCP. They have adjusted their policies and unanimously demanded that the CCP bear corresponding responsibilities.

The EU suddenly overwhelmingly rejected the trade agreement with China and unanimously demanded that the CCP be held accountable for the virus.

I have made governments around the world change their minds and realize the truth about the Wuhan virus. The Wuhan virus is the CCP’s biological weapon, biological warfare. But if the world really wants to eliminate the Wuhan virus, everyone in the world needs to know the truth about the virus. Including the Chinese people.

If mankind wants to completely solve the Wuhan virus problem, it must completely overthrow the CCP, because the root cause of the virus is the CCP.

God let me save the life of the CCP 17 years ago and saved them from collapse. Today God wants me to destroy the CCP in order to save the lives of people all over the world.

I am an angel, and God sent me to help you overcome difficulties and solve problems at this critical moment.

You should believe what I said and follow my advice-if all mankind can spread my articles and books all over the world, the Chinese Communist Party, the total source of the virus, will be destroyed and the virus will disappear.

What I have said all can be verified. You can verify everything I say to your country’s government, media, intelligence agencies, and military.

In addition, I want to tell you that the truth about the virus is only a small part of the message that God wants me to pass on to you.

All the information that God wants me to pass to you is on my website and book. Its name is "Century Sentence". You can download it for free on my website.

As long as people all over the world are reading my book, discussing my book, and spreading my book, you will be able to completely defeat the Wuhan virus. At the same time, my book can help you solve many of the most important issues, such as the distribution of social wealth, communism and capitalism, fairness and justice, and the future of humanity.

If you can read my book carefully, discuss and think about all the problems I put forward, humans will eventually solve all your problems. All souls who follow God will enter heaven.

May God bless you all.